New VStrike Theme!

Hey guys, I used to create osd’s for gen1 such as Swirl and Untitled, but now have moved on to the Hub. Just got started earlier today with dipping my hands into the hub and thought I’d start by showing a teaser of the homescreen.


Until it gets approved, view it here.

Hi dhadleymail…

All i can say is today has been an amazing day for Hub theming !!!

Can’t wait to see more of your theme…

dhaley cool work!


We just need someone to do a picto theme for the hub lol.:wink:

Does anybody know if and how to make the middle icon the homescreen transparent? This would open up so many more possibilities with themeing.

No, there’s a hidden black icon behing the middle icon.  I’ve been trying to work that one out for awhile.

By the way, your theme looks nice, can’t wait

Thanks TW that one’s been pzzling for a few days, very annoying.

Do you happen to know if the VIDEOS, SETUP… Text can be moved to different co-ords? as the the theme I’m workin on needs them to be centralised on the icons on the homescreen. Also, can the test colour be changed?


nice, I have used your Swirl osd on my  Gen1 up til last week when I bought the Hub.

Good to see you here.

I agree, would like to see the possibility of stopping the middle icon on home screen from ‘popping up’.