New Version changed how it closes

Just got Ver. 1.0.963 released on 11/15.

I’m pretty sure the older version when closed with the close button on the top right actually closed the program. This release DOES NOT, it will stay on the task bar. To close it you must click on the bars on the top right on the window and select QUIT… If there is a reason for doing this, at least make it optional set in Preferences.

Why I must ask? Is there really any value keeping the program active? Right now basically it does exactly what Explorer does, allows you to open the drive. I could use Explorer to do that?

Also once I’ve gotten the applications I want why would I want it open?

As for the bar’s menu, good, but when I select Preferences the ‘<’ at the top takes me to the top of the program, not to the bars menu? I think it should?

Am I missing something about the program that I’d want it kept open? Is there more to come?

I use all three environments on Win10

  • QuickView w/ Smartware
  • App Manager with Access, WD Sync and WD Backup
  • WD Discovery with all WD Apps installed

Would be nice if I could RIGHT CLICK, get a menu option and exit the app.

@Irv_S you note “once I’ve gotten the applications, why would I want it open?”
and @SBrown has multiple WD applications and they’re obviously littering his taskbar.

In your opinion, if WD Discovery was the ‘catchall’ app, and replaced the multiple taskbar applications you have, report things like SmartWare backup status and notify you when SmartWare/WD Backup failed, provide easy access to network connected drives, and unlocking encrypted drives would this help justify in your mind more reasons for keeping WD Discovery open in your PC for the best part of 24/7 (ie: you wouldn’t feel like you should specifically close the application?


Sorry, was gone for a week, so my reply was late.

I guess I view ALL the suggested additions and changes you mention I would consider to use ‘when I had a problem’ or an error occurred.

I’ve got the NEW WD MY Book and WD Backup isn’t even supported on it. Also I’ve got a license for the Acronis True Image 2016 (which is newer than the WD version that should be used with this drive) and I use it.

Network access is accomplished via Explorer so that would be a duplicate to have Network Access.

Don’t use Encryption either.

I’m more concerned with programs that start automatically and IF I need them, as well as the resources they use when running.

It isn’t if I’d want to close it, it is what does it provide that others do not, and why I’d want it running all the time? Providing error status and reporting is something I’d not use on a day to day basis. Maybe others would, but not me.

It would be a program I’d get, but not run unless I suspected trouble, and then having everything in one place is a value.