New VelociRaptor WD3000HLHX 300 GB Noises

This is maybe a silly question but I’m not a “tech type” and my new hard drive is making occasional noises that make me nervous.

I just replaced the OEM 1 TB primary drive in our HP computer with a new WD VelociRaptor one, on the advice of a tech forum I always use. Install went well (the hardware part; the software part, not so much, but it got there eventually).

I don’t recall the PC making noises before and it does now, occasionally, a sort of grinding/whirring noise. That’s not quite right but how to describe a noise? It doesn’t go on and on, but sort of off and on.

Is this normal? It seems to work fine and the analytic program I have (Hard Disk Sentinel) says the drive is “Perfect”.

Hope someone more technically aware than I can help. I’m happy to provide more info if needed.

Thanks for any suggestions,


Hello Mate,

Check this article:

Thanks for getting back to me. I read the article (thank you), but am still not sure. Guess I need to bring in someone who is more technically capable to evaluate whether the sounds are okay or not. They don’t seem quite like clicks and clunking seems too strong for what the sounds are.

Until I can find someone to analyse the sounds for me, is there a problem just ignoring them as the drive is working fine and the sounds are quite subtle and off and on?

Someone suggested I try rubber washers on the mounting screws but the actual replacement of the drive was so scary for me, a non tech type, that I hesitate to go near it again!


Hi is your pc on the floor under your desk or on top right by your ear. If it is under the desk and you hear it there’s a problem if it is by your ear and you hear it a bit don’t forget those drives spin at 10,000 RPM so a bit of noise is normal. I do not hear any noises from my raptors but the pc is under my desk.

Hammey, thank you for your post. Sorry I’m slow getting back to you!

The PC is on the floor, but not enclosed in the desk. I’d say it’s about 3 feet in front and to my right. It spins on start up, which seems normal to me, is quiet right now as I type and just now made a very small sort of burping noise, now a faint sort of growl/grind (though grind sounds too harsh for the sound). This is usual: silence punctuated by frequent yet intermittent quiet sounds like that.

Are you saying I should hear nothing except the start up spin? I sure hope not! What do I do next if there is an issue! Yikes!!


Hi yes there should be no strange sounds. People say the raptors are loud, I have not found that to be true I have installed on a raptor drive thats hanging out of the case and yes im old hearing is not 100 % but I never hear a sound from them. Did you try step 2 in the link Awopero sent you. Also get a copy of HD sentinal to try it will check the drive.

Again, thanks for your reply. I haven’t done any of the steps in the article because I’m really not sure how to replace a cable and I am very leary of doing anything further with the drive. I now suspect I bit off more than I am technically capable of by replacing the OEM drive in the first place!

A bit more background that might clarify: the OEM drive was quieter (I think) and it used the same cable. Doesn’t that suggest the cable is okay? Or could a cable be wrong for a different type of drive? I know the Raptor is smaller (300 GB vs 1 TB) and faster.

Next, you mentioned Hard Disk Sentinel. I do have that program (free version) installed. It says the new drive is Perfect and gives it 100% for both health and performance. Is there somewhere in the program that can tell me if I have a power issue? I’d happily buy the licensed version if that’s needed for such information.

Hope this helps your analysis. I really appreciate your attempts to help!



Hi well your dive has a 5 year warranty if HD sentinel is telling you it is ok I would go with that. Just run hd sentinel once in awhile to keep a eye on it. Don’t worry about it HD sentinal will let you know long before it fails if it ever will. I like the raptor drive’s my 300 gig ones are 4 years old now and not a problem. By the way for a person that does not know about computers you have done well to get a new drive installed and working keep at it. The main thing you want to do is before you open any pc case is unplug the power cable and then push the start button  on  the pc case to drain any left over power from the psu and motherboard then it is safe to work on, of course ground yourself to the case by simply touching it.