New user

Hi.  i am a new user.  I wasn’t sure if I wanted my whole PC backed up or not.  I changed my mind a couple of times.  It now seems that any backup I do is a continuation of the entire PC and never seems to end.  I did download a new version after the first backup.

So I have a few  questions:  1.  Do I need to backup the entire C;\drive on the WD Passport Ultra? 

                                             2. Would you recommend continuous or scheduled backups?

                                             3.  When does the backup end?  Each time I look, there are more files to back up and it takes

                                                  so long!

Many Thanks.


Take a look at the user’s manual to determine which type of backup suits you better. Check page # 42.

Thanks - i will look at the manual.  The online instructions didn’t help.

Also, the full back-up never seemed to end so i thought i was doing something wrong.