New user,,,with issues!

Decided on the 4TB ,happy with the unit untill i plugged it in.

Setup cabling and plugged in my 2tb my book into the My Cloud ,pwerd up and nothing …unreachable.

Eventually unpluged the the external and i could log into my cloud.

Any body loggin into the unit first time would be getting rid of that orange triangle.Which i did straight away.

Unfortunatly for me knowing now what i know ,this was the start of a very disapointing experience. lasting 48 hours.

So  slow i went i got my new work pc out of my truck ,changed cabling to the gigbit router ,cords running across the lounge …nothing .

Purchased another gigabit switch ,disconnected from my network just had the 2 devices plugged in with staic ips (green lights too) increased from 2- 4 MB/S to about 8-10MB/S …who hoo !

After waking at 3 in the morning thinking i had wasted a heap of cash i found these forums 

So many issues …and the only sticky from guys that help ,upset about helping.

Ever wonder if those trolls just gave up and got rid of the unit .

Then a sticky on a firmware thats sh&^ !

Anyway Thanks to  RealAct

From 10 to 20 MB/S Awsome!!!

Then onto  PVS0705

From 20 to 40MB/S Even better !!!

Now if anybody knows how to get a little bit more speed that would be awsome !!!


What is the colour of your rear led ?


Check out this post. There are a couple of services you can get rid of if you don’t intend to use the WD Photo app.

What speed are you expecting ?

Thanks for the link… Check it out soon …
As for speed 40 is great.

On a gigabit Ethernet, you could get 60MB/s plus, but your speed will vary depending on the size/number of files you get across.

Not to mention the activity on your LAN… While routers/switches are marketed as handling high speeds, the truth is they only handle single client bursts at that rate.

IE - High router/switch load may equal lower transfer speeds.