New User Who Could Use Some Assistance


I just set up my 3TB Cloud last night and I am slightly overwhelmed. Lots for me to sort out and learn.

My first question is this, how can I transfer all my pictures on my Google Drive on Iphone to my Cloud using the Iphone app?

Any help would be great…

I am sure this will not be my last post seeking assistance.

Thank You


  1. launch wdmycloud on your iphone

  2. Add your google drive (press the +sign).

  3. goto to your gogole drive where the photos are

  4. press edit

  5. select as many as you want

  6. at the bottom of the screen press copy.

  7. goto wdmycloud

  8. choose a directory

  9. paste

I do this with Microsoft one drive. Should be the same for Google.


Thank you.  I will try it.