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Hi all,

My “My book live” died at the weekend.  Complete disk failiure!  Anyway went out and purchased the new white my cloud drive 3TB.  Set up was ok and the dashboard can see all my idevices.  When I am on the same network I can access the drive but when I am away from home I get the message that remote access is disabled.

On the settings tab I see that under cloud access, remote access says on.  The connected status says “Connected (relay connection established)”

So what am i doing wrong?  can anyone help?  thanks


Here are a few things to try and check out. First unplug the power to your router at the router and wait one minute then plug it back in. Recheck your connection once everything is back to normal and see if you have Port forwarding connection established showing.

Did you look at configure for Cloud Access? See image below.


For more information always be sure to hover your mouse pointer over the MyCloudcirclei.JPG icon.

Does all of your devices have access? See image below.


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cat0w (USA)

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Thanks for the help.  Its been working now for 5 days straight in that I can connect.  But when I use the wd cloud app to say open a photo then i see the circle loading the file but then nothing ever appears?

can you help?


Hi Joshbear,

Which App are you using Desktop, iOS, or Android portable ? 

And, are you accessing a shared secure folder or a public folder ?

What file type are you trying to view ?

I would like to do same  on my cloud and see if it same thing happens.

I did have a similar issue on my desktop (laptop) because my movie.wmv type file was not associated with a player.

You may need to go into your Control Panel and choose a default program. Mine are opening with Windows Photo Viewer. Example’s JPEG’s, BMP’s, PNG’s.


As for gif’s I have had them open with Quicktime and actual take me to the My Cloud location and open them.


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cat0w (USA)