NEW User Setup Questions

Hi to all

I am in the process of setting up my first NAS drive and have a few questions. Sorry if these are basic and possibly stupid questions but I have reading difficulties and reading manual[s] is like trying to walk through a lake of treacle\molasses. Sorry if the post is too long but trying\need to get answers before proceeding further. The multple paragraphs makes it easier for me to read

Windows 7, Professional 64bit.

Existing router 4 years old and a new router ordered [New router on the way and this will be installed by the end of this week. This will be the Belkin Wireless Modem Router N450 ADSL

My Book Live Duo 4GB set as RAID 1 2x2GB drives and do not, yet have an external drive attached.

Latest software and firmware installed as per update function.

“Static IP address” NO Media setup yet.

 WD2GO has been enabled and setup and the NAS can be accessed after in-putting two passwords, Owner and Public Share folder, via remote connection.

Connection on DT requires one password. Through both NETWORK PLACES & Dashboard

Questions and problems as Follows:

1: When the NAS goes onto stand-bye [blue LED on the front face] the rear [green] LED shows a flashing green which, according to the manual, indicates drive activity

Is this normal?

If not anyone any idea as to what could be wrong?  

I have tried turning off the NAS as well as both PCs [DT and Laptop and it makes no difference] Tried the Shut Down in software and also turning of PC’s and then disconnecting NAS and leaving overnight neither of these has made a diffrence. 

Also, as this is the first time I have worked with “RAID ARRAY” hard drives, I never needed the facility in the past – just kept everything on external drive, I am unsure of the procedure for “PARTIONING” the drivess. 

I would like to have the drives[s] portioned as the following:

1.5TB for private use. Eventual USB drive will also be for private use.
5GB for others to upload\download files to\from. 
The rest of the drive to covered by the default PUBLIC folder.
Why is this called PUBLIC when it requires a password to access?

2; When I open the DASHBOARD up and log in at the bottom is states the following : Usage: 3 GB / 2 TB

What does this mean? As you can see below else where I also show as 2.7GB used

3: I would like to have the drives[s] portioned as the following:

I would like to have a folder available for other folks to access and upload files to and download files from without having to insert [others would need to be supplied with] a password.
How do I manage this?  
What exactly is this PUBLIC folder? [It needs a password to access it?

There is no Admin\Owner folder made during setup.
Is this normal?

Do I have to set up this owner\admin folder myself?

1.5GB for private use. Eventual USB drive will also be for private use. 

5GB for others to upload\download files to\from.

The rest of the drive to covered by the default PUBLIC folder.

Why is this called PUBLIC when it requires a password to access? 

4: When I open the WD Smartware software HOME PAGE it shows that “Additional Files” have a total of 2.7 GB. I have NOT uploaded any files to the drive other that a small word document for testing drive writes’ OK.

I know that the WD software resides in the “Public” folder but this is only about 515MB [approx.] in size.

Where has the other 2GB come from?

And where can I find\view them? 

Is this the loss [2.2GB] when a drive is formated?

5: At present I use Acronis TI and Disk Director as HDD management and backup.

Do\would I need the “Acronis True Image WD Version 14192” for use with the NAS drive?

6: With the default “PUBLIC” share [no default admin\owner folders to be seen] when accessed from other PC a [my] password has to be entered. 


  1.  The REAR flashing green light is network activity, not Disk activity, so yes, that’s normal.

  2.  That means that 2.7 GB of the total available is used already;  much of that is the internal software for the MBL itself.

  3.  You cannot partition a NAS.   On many NAS systems, you can assign “Quotas” to disk volumes that would accomplish what you want, but quotas are not supported on the MBL.

  4.  Same answer as # 2.

  5.  Don’t know.  I’ve never used any of those products.

  6.  Windows usually requires you to enter SOME user id and password; even if they’re not required.  On a PUBLIC share, you can type anything you want except for a real username.   You could type  “Blah / blah” as the user id and password and it will work.


Thank for the reply.

Re. question 3:

a) Would I be able to UNDO the RAID and then remove one (or both of the) drives then partion it (them) and put it (them) back and would these partitions then be seen seen by MLD?

b) What would happen when I once again re-made the RAID? 

c) Would the raid UNDO the partions or just make the second drive to mirror it?

Re question 6:

Is it possible for me to setup a folder for other folks to use withput requirng a password whilst using a browser? 

Possibly someone who has or is using Acronis could answer question 5. 


The WD would, at best, just repartition them automatically and reformat the drives, or, at worst, reject the drive.

  1.   Not really… There’s no Web-based File Manager.

As an option, you could give people WD 2go access to a folder, but that’d be “iffy.”

Thanks Tony

Last questions for a wee while (hopefully)

  1. Would I be able to retain partitions on USB (WD) drive?

  2. Could I then allocate one of thes partitions to do as I would like to have?



  1. Do I need to install some form of security (Anti-virus etc) onto the MLD?

  2. If so, how do I do this? Or do I rely on my existing security software (installed on PC’s?


  1.  Yes, partitions on USB drives aren’t touched.

  2.  Yeah, that probably would be possible, but I’ve not tried that.

  3.  You can’t install AV on the MBL.  You’d need to install AV on the PCs that use the MBL.

Thanks Tony

I will (try) to use the USB and setup partiton for my needs. I will post back here and let you know If I succed or not. Might take a few days but will definately get back.

My own PC’s and thse I manage are all fully covered security wise. As for those I know nothing about I will work on the assuption that my security will cover fully. I will test it out using the EICAR test file.