New user server problems, tried wmp,jriver mc and wild media all drop connections

Hi All

Im trying to setup my wd tv live with a media server on my pc wirelessly. Ive the latest firmware and versions of the programs.

I initially tried windows media server and that seemed to work ok, but doesnt support all video formats so tried a trial  version of jriver media center 17 and that seems to work once and then i have to restart either the pc or the WD. I also have wild media but thats not working at all. Whats strange is I can join a server and browse the titles, all the thumbnails show up, but when I what to watch something  I just get a blank screen and rotating orange arrow.

Ive tried disabling the firewall but that makes no difference, Ive also tried another PC and have similar problems. It all seems to work ok to start with and then i loose the source.  Am I correct in thinking I can use different media servers at the same time or should only one be running?
I also tried wired but that failed to even find a media server. Could it be a router problem? I also have an apple tv 3rd gen and dont have any issues with that.


Just to update i`ve spent the last 2 hours trying to get this thing to work and I think its down to JRiver media center screwing things up.

I can play 10 videos on a combination of WMP and Wild Media Server, but then if I try JRiver Media Center , it plays one video and then stops working. If I go back to WMP or Wild Media Server they dont work anymore. I have to turn the unit off at the plug, then its fine.

Anyone had this experience with JRiver Media Center?


I was having problems too but did not go as far as you to try other servers. The JRiver guys always talk this media player up so I figured it had to be settings. I tried to play my video  that is either  MP4 or WMV coded with Nero streaming and from an attached USB drive. It was taking a crazy amount of time to display the video from the USB and from JRiver DLNA server. I did also find that I was able to play a video after a power cycle that wouldn’t play before.

I use the stock Generic DLNA setting but set the video to always convert to AVI 720p and now it starts and plays fine. I tried a couple of other formats but did not get good results.

I reread your post and I can not get  my unit to play more than one file consecutively either using jriver and I have to reboot to get it to play the next. 

ok thanks.  Yes JRiver does seem to be the problem but over the last few days i`ve had wild media server just disappear whilst watching something. It happened 3 times in an hour last night and twice in an hour the night before. It goes off for a few seconds and then I have to reconnect to the media server and resume what I was watching.

Sounds like you may have other problems.

I was able to get my jriver to work properly using always convert  to MPEG2/DVD/NTSC Stream w/MPEG2 Audio. It now plays multiple files in a folder or playlist.


Well I think I’ve  narrowed it down to my tp link router dropping the wireless connection. I was using the pc whilst watching the WD tv live and I lost the Internet at the same time the WD tv lost the server. 

So I tried a wired connection again after several failed attempts and managed to get that working and it ran fine for 2 hours without loss of server.

I’ll try again with jriver media centre and see how that goes.

Media Center still doesnt want to play on the wd tv live, but have decided I like Mezzmo as a media server.

So solution was to go wired and ill probably get a new router for wireless connections. Ive read a few places about random drops from tplink routers. Luckily I can use wired for now.