New User Questions

I’ve been a long time user of the Live Plus and just picked up the Live Hub. I have a few questions: -Every time I boot the device, I receive a notice that reads, “getting content info…” This lasts for about ten minutes. What exactly is happening during this time? Would putting the device in to standby (as opposed to turning it off) remedy this long loading period? -When transferring files from my computer to the Hub’s internal hard drive (via the share itself, not any sort of software), the transfer is painfully slow. It reports as about 6.44MBps. Is there any way to increase this transfer rate? -Is it safe to delete the sample media directory from the internal hard drive? -I’ve discovered adding a JPEG image named “Folder.jpg” will give my folder items an image while in gallery view. Is there a similar method to add folder images to individual files? What about adding full screen background images for folders and files like what happens when the WDTV pulls info automatically? Thanks so much!

Regarding the file transfer speeds:  in my situation, sending a file from my PC thru the home network to the HD connected to my Live Plus is around ten times slower than attaching the drive to the PC and transferring a file.  Your 6+mbps sounds about normal for a file sent thru the network.  Since I do not have a HUB, I don’t know if it can be disconnected from the system and directly connected to a PC, but it it easily can, this would be the faster way to get files onto the HUB.