New User Question

Pretty confusing device yet, I kind of like it. Someon at WD needs some lessons in UX (Call me). Anyway;

  1. When I setup my device I created a user name a password. This seems to be used to access the dashboard and is the same user name and password to access my own personal storage. Does that sound correct? Personally, they shouldn’t really be merged. An Admin should be an admin and if he wants access /rights, he should create/manage a user ID.

  2. I can login using FINDER on my mac but my guess is this won’t work remotely and I’d have to use the Java program (wd my cloud). Unlike Google Drive and Drop box which seems to have cracked that simplicity years ago, this makes it hard to explain to the wife.

  3. Because of 2, there’s really no “synching” you just have to copy files / overwrite folders :frowning:

  4. I guess it’s really a backup drive rather than a share since synching for non-techies is harder (Once I set google drive up, my wife doesn’t even know how it works :slight_smile: ).

  5. There doesn’t seem to be any encryption?

  6. Can I add run the admin program remotely. I travel overseas sometimes months at a time and may want to add users etc.,

Thanks everyone.


  1.  By default, yes, that’s correct.  But it doesn’t have to be the same.   You can have your admin user ONLY be an admin if you choose.

  2. …or you can use the My Cloud Desktop app for Mac.

  3.  Correct.

  4.  No.  But I do this via VPN connection to my home network when I’m away.  Perhaps your router has that capability built-in.

What fixed IP address / router provider do you use for you get access to your router (my comcast IP address isn’t fixed). I use to use a co. years ago but forgot…

My router supports Dynamic DNS through

I don’t use my router for VPN termination – I have a linux server running VPN software that I connect through.