New user question on WD MyCloud

Dumb questions: Is there a SuperUser that sees all shares?

Yes … admin or whomever you named as admin when you setup the My Cloud. But you always can give “Share Rights” to anyone. The only person that can access the Dashboard is the name you used to setup the My Cloud … all others are setup individually.

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Yes, but I am sill puzzled.

So this new user created during install is like admin:admin or admin:123456 on other WD NAS boxes, yes/no?

If I assume yes.

But how do I see the master directory that contains the shares points created at startup, SmartWare, Public, and the TimeMachine share.

I want to see root “/”.

it is not organised like a desktop machine. What you see are the shares and you can then create directoreis whithin each share.  Each main share you create (callit root share)  may or may not have user name and passwork (as opposed to public) and it is up to you.

This is how the hard drive is organised. makes it easy to mount all shares via samba or nfs which allows it to communicate with a number of other OSes.

Have you read the  Manual ?  I’m not trying to be terrible or anything, but it does a fairly decent job of explaining the usage.

When you say “Root” I assume you mean SSH’ing into the unit to see the file structure … correct?

If you want to see the shares that are created, by you or the system, you can do this in File Explorer in Windows. But you must have your credentials set for the Admin (or whomever setup the device with user name and password). You can then see all shares and data. But remember only one set of credentials can be used at any one time per PC. Otherwise you need to use the “Credential Manager”, in windows, to clear-reset and make new logins to the My Cloud.