New user problem

Just bought my first wdtv live streamer yesterday, decent bit of kit but a total nightmare to set up, anyway finally got it working, seeing network shares ok and created my media library, ive got content info for most of my films but theres a couple that wont fetch even though theyre on the actual movie database, ive tried changing file names etc but still wont fetch the data, the next thing is that when it does fetch the data a lot of the thumbnails are in foreign, is there a way of making it get the english images instead of the foreign ones because again theyre on the database, ive tried replacing it with jpeg but it doesnt work properly, any help would be appreciated, thanks

you could try clicking on options and then either get content or rescan info and it should then give you a list of movies with the same name or similiar to choose from

tried that many times,it  just gives the same old stuff and no choice of what language thumbnail to use

Ive got some jpeg thumbnails to work, but the quality is really bad compared to the metathumb which is low res, ive tried changing extensions which works but quality is really bad even though the jpeg image is high res, can this be fixed ?