New User-Privacy Issues


I am planning to buy MyCloud and have got few concerns.

I want some help with how the sharing works on this device…from whatever reviews I have gone through so far it is portrayed that the drive appears under the networked devices of a computer after it is connected to the modem.

Will it appear on every computer on the network (wireless)? does it mean anyone on the local network can access content on the MyCLoud

The users we create to access the content on the device are they local users I.e. one’s connected directly to the local network or cloud ones?

Please help

Thanks in advance

Hi ,

When you connect the my cloud to your network for the first time, I would login to the dashboard or check out the online manual in case you need it for reference. The my cloud has permissions in the dashboard so you can restrict what users have access to. When you make a new share it sets it to public so anyone can access it. You can easily turn that off by going to the share on the dashboard under shares . Any device on your network will be able to see the device if their are in the same windows workgroup. If a user types the IP address on your network than they will access it if they have a account to login. Remote users will have to use WDS my cloud desktop app for mobile devices or Other Os’s such as Mac In order to access your my cloud.

I just want to point out that by default, the Public share can not be disabled so that one will be accessible by anyone on the network. If you want to disable that though, you can edit /etc/trustees.conf and /etc/samba/overall_share but that’s really only for the linux savy people.

I would just like to point out that the public share can actually be disabled through a workaround that does not require knowledge of linux please see my post

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