New user... please help!

Hi all

Got the TV Live Hub this week and so far I’m just loving it. I haven’t updated firmware and won’t do so until I know there is a function that isn’t working that I need an update for.

I have a few problems/questions and response would be very much appreciated:

  1. Many of my movies are in a folder and some are split into two avi’s, so I’ll have “Finding Nemo part1” and “Finding Nemo part2”… (odd that that’s the first movie that came to mind…) Is it possible to play the folder instead of adding part 1 and part 2 to the queue?

  2. When adding movies to the queue I’d expect that it would go straight into the next movie. For some reason when a movie is done playing in the queue it stops playing and I then need to manually start the next movie in the queue. I’m sure I’m missing something here…

  3. Is there any way to set a shortcut button for adding a movie to a queue?

Looking forward to a response… Thanks in advance!


Press the ’ Play" button on your “Finding Nemo” folder and it will automatically play Part 1 and 2 in sequence.

(Dont press the " OK" Button)

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Thanks. That answers question one.

Do you have an answer for 2 and 3? 2 being most important.

Same answer. Press PLAY instead of OK. Answer to 3 is “no.”

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