New User on WD My book Live


I have one query, I have just bought WD My book live just wanted to know what if my wireless internet get disconnected,  will i be able to use the hard drive only on my PC like regular hard drive?  

Please anyone who knows anything about this please help…


Hi, you don’t need internet access to access the my book live locally. 

Hi, Thanks for the information.

I have some more querry’s.

I have 2mbps interenet connection do you think WD my book live will work perfectly if i have to copy the files on my office laptop?

Define perfectly, :smiley:, will it work? Yes it will, but you need to try it for yourself to see if it’s fast enough for you. If you’re planning on using it for office word files it should be fast in my opinion. 

What if i have to stream movies on my smart TV files big enough like 10 to 15 gigs??

2mbps is enough or should i upgrade my internet?