New user on EX2 Ultra


I have multiple questions will be simple enough with regular users. I have set up my ex2 Ulta with admin plus 4 users.

  1. How to secure my cloud, so that no outsider can hack in easily. Cause when I am going thru Google chrome on the cloud, it says on top…your connection is not secure

  2. The 4 users I have created have got their own folders plus we have public folder. Each user is presently using his mobile to access his folder. But the problem is they can access other users folders also on their mobile and laptop. How to restrict that?

  3. Ex2 has some Apps loaded but not installed. Which one of them is good for use? For example
    Or please suggest any other good app to make life easier

  4. Last question, , how to find out if the 2nd drive is making copy of the data on the 1st drive?

  5. In case of accidental delete, is their an App which keeps the deleted files till the time they are not permanently deleted or for 30 days something?

Thanks in advance.

Hello Jss,

You can use HTTP (port 80) for local access of the device.

In order to restrict the access of other users on folders you can set the permission on each share.

I would suggest to check the RAID mode by clicking on the storage option on the dashboard which will give the information of the data and for the recycle bin of the My Cloud EX2, you can refer the link provided below for more information.

Thanks Neo33