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Hi, looking for help to get up and running with my WD products. I have purchased a My Book Live and a WD Live SMP. I have all my photos and TV and Movie downloads on the MBL. Ive managed to get things playing ok but would live to get artwork etc for my TV and Movie files. Been having a look round these forums but seem to be going round in circles! 

Should I be looking to load artwork myself or should the SMP be able to do it for me?

My Movies are stored like this Public(\MyBookLive) ( Z: ) / Movies / Movie Name

TV series like this (using Breaking Bad as example)  Public(\MyBookLive) ( Z: ) / TV / Breaking Bad / Season 1 / Breaking Bad - S01 E01

Im looking for an easy way to get a nice setup with artwork shown. 

Also, when i  go into different folders on the SMP i get the option to view all folders. ie I go into photos and i can still view videos, go into movies and i can view photos etc. Is there a way to just show only the correct type of files in each folder.

Any help appreciated. Remember, total newbie here so any help will need to be pretty starightforward and right from step 1…!

You can add the cover art, metadata and backdrops yourself or you can let the SMP do it.

To add it using the SMP you can do it 2 ways, manually or automatic.  To do it manaully for each video, on the SMP select Videos from the Main screen, then navigate to were your video is, press the Options button on the remote, then select “Get Content info”.

To have the SMP do it automatically, Press Setup on the remote then select System / Get Content Info and then set it to Auto.

Thanks, I managed to figure out how to do get the SMP to do it but there are still some movies missing artwork. I have now tried to add them manually but when i go to the movie itself and press options there is no link for “Get Content Info”. 

Whilst am on the subject of movies, could I put some into their own folder and still have artwork, ie have the Toy Story trilogy in their own folder.

As for my tv series, there is no artwork showing at all?

For the Get Content Info to show up you have to make sure that your content is set to “My Media Library”.  Press the red button on the remote, then select “My Media Library”.

If your files are on a network share you have to first add that to the network share.  Go to Setup / System / Media Library / Media Library Manager for Network Share, then add your share folder.

For folders you’ll have to create your own and it has to named “folder.jpg” or “folder.metadata”.  Metadata & backdrops will not display for folders.

For TV Shows, make sure you have the Meta-Source Manager is enabled.  Go to Setup / System / Meta-Source Manager / TV Shows, then make sure there’s a check mark beside “TVDB Meta-Source”.

TV Shows also have to be named correctly, using the nameing of “Show name.SxxExx”.


The Walking Dead.S01E01.avi

Thanks, will have a go at this later. Much appreciated.

Another thing before I leave it for a bit. Will the artwork show up for each movie within a folder? 

Yes, when you enter a folder the coverart will display for each movie.

I hooked up the WD Livewire powerline kit.  I pluged it into the wall and then pluged it into my linksys router which is connected to the dsl internet box.  I then plugged the 2nd box into the wall in the othe room.

My pupose for this device was to stream Netflix movies onto my tv. 

My question is where do I go from here?  I have no code to enter, or any evidence that this thing is working.

Help, I need someone who knows what they are doing to guide me.

I appreciate your help as I am not having any luck and the instructions are not helpful.

Thanks in advance.

MoodyRed wrote:

I hooked up the WD Livewire powerline kit.  

Help, I need someone who knows what they are doing to guide me.


I appreciate your help as I am not having any luck and the instructions are not helpful.


Thanks in advance.


Try posting in the Networking Devices forum, since  this thread is not at all suitable for your question.

Here’s the forum: