New user - help!

So I just got a WD Live streaming media player and have a question:

Is there some way I can check if a video has been watched (or not watched)? I have about 100 TV episodes on an external hd that I have plugged into the player, would be nice to automatically be able to tell of sort according to if they have been viewed of not.


When you finished watching an episode - delete it!

If it isn’t there it has been watched    :smiley:

I want to keep them, so this isn’t really a solution.

Hi, I too would like to know if this can be done?

I use a Synology NAS for my content but am really missing some sort of ‘watch counter’ on this device. I’ve used an Apple TV for a long time and this was a feature I took for granted.



If I am correct, there is a small icon on the episode label description (beside the duration of something like that) that become black if you already played it, otherwise it is completely white.

If you then play such en episode agian, the system will ask you if you want to restart from the begininng or continue your reading …

but I do not know if sorting on that criteria is possible.