New user having problems with Windows 8.1 and copying files

I just bought the 4TB WD My Cloud last night.  I connected it to my Apple Airport Extreme router (newest version).

I admit I did not use the ethernet cable that came with the drive.  I used on that was already connected to the router.

Anyway, I have been trying to copy files to the new drive but it just doesn’t work most of the time.  Right now I have an older WD drive connect to the My Cloud via USB.  It’s the drive I used to use with my PogoPlug.  I want to copy the contents of this drive to the My Cloud drive.  What usually happens is I open up the My Cloud drive, create a new folder, navigate to the old drive, copy folders then try to go back to the My Cloud but when I try to open the new folder I get the green bar going across for several minutes then nothing happens.

I have read other posts on this forum and I have made sure that the services mentioned are set to automatic and are running.

how is the computer connected? wifi? wired? what speed

if you use file explorer everything is copied from the LAN to the PC then back which will be very slow even with a gigabit connection

I would try the WD desktop app, this is the only type of operation that I recomended it as the files stay on the mycloud

Ok, while I was home for lunch I realized that the ethernet cable I was using was not directly connected to the router but was going through my Sonos Bridge.  So I disconnected that and used the cable that came with the WD to plug straight into the router. 

On my Windows 8.1 PC I am wired at 1GB.

After a reboot I opened the WD software and dragged my movies folder over onto it and it is now copying about 1.5TB of movies, so that will take a while.

Something I have noticed, though is that the drive is not currently showing up under the network area of my PC so I cannot even access the folders via Explorer.  I don’t want to stop the copy so I will figure that out later.

My hope for this drive was to keep all my media on and to back up photos and things like that, while having access to them remotely via my iPhone/iPad.  I want to keep my massive iTunes library on this drive as well and have it accessible via my hard-wired PC and my wifi MacBook Pro.

Previously I had my movies on a smaller drive and had it mapped as a network drive on my PC via the Airport Extreme USB port.  The problem was that sometimes, after a reboot, the drive letter would change and then iTunes could no longer see the files.  

We use an older WD My Cloud drive here at work, on older PCs and it has performed very, very well, acting as our “file server”.  That is why I decided to do this at home.  I could replace my PogoPlug and a couple of other networked drives with this one.  However, the way it has been performing so far, I might just return it.  I would have never guessed that a PogoPlug would work better than a WD My Cloud drive.

FYI, when copying a lot of media files the mycloud will get slow and this may continue for a few days after the copy as everthing is scanned and indexed but it will settle down after awhile, just be patient