New user having audio problems

Hi all



I have recently set up my WD media player. I have played a few 720p films through it, no probelm. However, I have tried 2 more films today and I get a perfect picture but no audio. I have tried switching the sound output to stero from digital but it has no effect. Am sure there is an easy solution to this, just I am new and have no idea how to implement it. I have tried to search this forum for the answer but unabe to locate it. 

Thanks in advance. 

Hi there!! Is this to happen with all videos, even the ones that used to play just fine? o.o

Thanks for the reply.

No, as I said it only occurs on the odd movie. Most are fine just the odd one. I think it could be something to do with the codec on these paticular movies. Just thinking is there anything that I can do do solve the issue?