New User << Fixed problem

Perhaps I purchased the wrong product. I have purchased three 1 tb units. Two are working ok. I am using the units as external drives.  The data is very stable. I just do a drag and drop. Today I tried to access one of the 3 drives. Its properties show 644 giga bytes. I cannot get to the data I draged and droped

On the other two drives, when I plug them in, I see two references for each of the drives.  for example I will see “WD SmartWar e(E)” Right after I will see a reference to the data in this case “Long Term 2 (F)” In this drive I seee my data. So I know that this product dan be used as a depository of files.  by the way I am not totally dead. I copies the same data to all three drives. So I have a main and two backup of my data.

In the problem drive all I see is "WD Smartware (F). I do not see the second referenc to my data.  Another thng is that cannot do a drag and drop to the “WD SmartWare (E)”.   The properties if te problem drive show that 644 gigbytes are used of the 1 tb drive.   How can I get to the 644 gigabytes of data.

Did I buy the wrong product.  I am not using the software provide in the drive.  My backup stategy is to just do a total backup of everything before  I go to bed.  i do not trust backup software. I just backup everything.

Fixed problem <<<<< I reformated the device

So, are you saying that all the drives are working okay?  Also, you might want to rename the drives so that you can easily tell them apart.  Moreover, there is a VCD that shows up along with each drive.  You cannot copy data to that VCD.