New User EX2


New to EX2 and not quite understanding everything. I want to use the NAS for backups and to share music and pictures. What is the best way to set it up so I can allow my friends and family to access and download music and pictures?

Also, if I enable FTP, how do people access it? I can’t find an address for the FTP protocol?

Thanks, I’m sure I’ll have more questions soon.


Hi there,

you need to be more specific. Is your family and friends on the same network as you or you want to give them access over the internet ?

same network:

  • WD app for desktop and mobile

  • If you are a Windows user, just access the network with \wdmycloudex2 or \IP

  • mapping of the shares

  • DLNA on your smartTV or whatever you have that plays over the network

over internet:

  • WD app for desktop and mobile

  • FTP

  • OpenVPN

Now for each option you will find here on the forum atleast one topic or check out the manual of EX2

Both and the WD app appears to work but I am also curious about the FTP process. I’ve used FTPs in the past but my memory says you have an IP address you go to and then log in.  How does the FTP work on EX2, how do my family and friends know where to go and how do I control access thru the FTP?

for FTP, take a look at this post. It preatty much says all the steps i’ve done and you also have a link with a guide

You need to have a static external IP address, but if you don’t try subscribing to someone that offers this service. I use and i’m pleased with it.

Thanks! I’ll read up on it tonight and see if I can figure it out!

also this links will help, i’m working on this issue right now

Hi all, if you are planning on connecting remotely using FTP you ISP might change your public IP address, you can use something like  no-ip to make sure that even if your ISP changes the IP you still have access.