New User email not being received

Have a WD Mycloud 12 TB unit. Attempting to add a user - but the system doesn’t send (or at least the user doesn’t receive) the email to set up a new MyCloud account.


@ebrown53717 Does this happen after all of the following has been done?

False alarm. It turns out our email server was down, so the problem was at our end. Apologies.


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Is the WD email server down again?

I have experienced this exact problem. Setup a number of users, however one of these users is not receiving the email from

I have deleted the account and retried but no luck

Is there any progress? I have the same problem and can’t find any solution?
I tried 3 different users with different emails and none of them get an email.

Did you find any solution?

May 09, 2020 and I’m also having the same problem with trying to set up “users”. Also tried to log into My cloud and it said wrong email or password, so I hit the reset password option and typed in an email address to set a new password and never received an email. Funny I was able to log into this site and receive an email no problem hahaha

I am having these exact issues. It appears to be affecting email addresses. I have submitted a support request today so will wait to hear. I have tried with an address and a address. These both receive an email, does not.

Just migrated to os5, and I’m having this same issue. Everything seems to work very well, but I’ve sent an invite email to a user for cloud access and the email is not received. It’s not in the spam folder. It’s not in the quarantine firewall. It’s nowhere. To be clear, this is a user who was accessing the share just fine on os3. The only option I have, other than to delete the user, is to resend the invite email which I’ve done to no avail. A little help?

Note, there is a dedicated subforum(s) for OS5.

May want to search that subforum (via the forum search feature) to see if other OS5 users have expressed similar issues.