New user and file types

Hi, new user so please be gentle.

I’m using ‘my cloud home’ to store files accessed remotely. There are two users with access/shared folders. My question is that when one user has a particular file open(.csv .xls) when the other user opens the same file; a ‘locked for editing’ message appears…this is good and what we expected. However, this is not the case for all file types - .pdf .dxf .dwg, which are the main file formats used.
Is there are fix somewhere to lock one of these files when open with another user??


Hi @Trimtech,

Please refer below link to check supported file system in My cloud Home:

Please refer below link to check set up password:

@Keerti_01 Thanks for this, but I cannot find a list of supported file formats on either of those links.

I have .dwg and .dxf file formats that are not locking when opened by one user and another user opens that same file