New upgrade destroyed search function on one hard drive

Three days ago, I got a notification of a WD Discovery update, and I did the upgrade. Unfortunately, the new version 4.3.361 keeps wanting to be updated numerous times. In the upgrade, it affected one of my My Passport for Mac 4T so I couldn’t do a global search of the hard drive for images or PDFs. No idea what happened, except the upgrade went bad.

I asked for technical support from WD by message, but all I got was an automated response.

I believed the update is only software relate to WD Discovery. It has nothing to do with the drive firmware. So this should not affect anything to your device. You can uninstall WD Discovery if you have no use for it.

As I said before, but the way the upgrades for the same upgraded software were not normal, instead it was symbolic of an upgrade going bad. It was not normal in any way. It indicated that the software had gone berserk, which would explain the weird effect on my firmware.

Considering that the only hard drive that went berserk occurred while the upgrade software went wild indicates that the cause of the weird effect on my firmware is associated with the weird behavior of the software.

I don’t know what the software did, and I don’t know how to repair the damage from the upgrade. I have over 2T of software on a Muy Passport for the Mac that I can’t use the simple find command to organize my files.

I want my problem solved, not just getting claims that WD had no responsibility for what they did to my harddrive.

Well, go blame your problem to WD. Call their customer support number. Sorry I cant help you. I’m just helping people with their device issue.

We agree on one thing: you are incapable of solving my problem. So your response is to be nasty? Interesting approach.

By the way, I finally got a tweet in response to my earlier messages that were independent of what I posted here. I will respond to their tweet because maybe they could help me.

Goodbye, hope to never hear from you again.

The problem continued for three days and then self-corrected