New Update for Milestone Arcus


How can I update Milestone Arcus to the latest version?
Currently I have the
Version 2.5325084 installed.
With this version, I can only install 2 cameras. When trying to buy a license come the following messages
"If you have exceeded the number of available commercial licenses, you can buy more.
Please click here: Western Digital Online Store "
And then “If you clicked on this link, use an older version of Milestone Arcus. To get your free Kameral license, visit the Apps section on your WD NAS Dashboard and download the latest version.”
At the same time I purchased an EX2 Ultra with the version: 2.5325088. This version allows up to 10 cameras.
How can I adjust this. Or where I can download a newer version for the DL2100.


Maybe you should try contacting WD’s Technical Support about this.

To Contact WD for Technical Support


Same exact problem. I have both the DL2100 & EX4100, they run different versions of this app and both have this same error when I try to buy more licenses. Support told me that I needed to call Arcus, Arcus said it’s a WD issue. Very frustrating!

Was the outcome of your case Dietmar_Neff?


Quite simply, I have the 2 devices exchanged and take the Ex2 Ultra now for video surveillance and the DL2100 as media server


someone found a way to fix and get more licenses?