New uodate not there?

Hi all

On 9th sept i seen there was the update, however i dis not update. Today i thought about doing the update however mycloud says no new firmware is avalible.

Have WD pulled the update??

I read that however it told me there was an update availible on the 9th. I did not click install and not its saying no update there.

Well, it’s an odd situation: WD claim to be rolling out the new firmware upgrade, using automatic upgrade, but at no point have they revised their Product Update page to add release notes for the new firmware, or to make the new firmware available for manual download; it still shows (5/11/2015) as the latest firmware:

On the other hand, there is a .deb file available if you know where to look:

It’s odd that this is a .deb file, because all previous upgrades have been released as zipped .deb files; see the instructions for manual upgrade at the Product Update page linked above.

So something’s not joined up at WD…