New Unit

picked up my 4 tb from Maplin

setup ok

Firmware updated within a few mins of putting on network

copied my bit and pieces

But when I look for the unit from my samsung Tv on the network I cannot see it.

Have put stuff in Public

Could it be I have Sky box linked to TV it takes control of the HDMI

Have check all sharing appears ok

If you’re trying to see it via UPnP/DLNA, you might find some pointers here:

Check your shares have media serving enabled, then check media streaming is enabled. Both settings must be on to get the Twonky media server to work.

Have you looked at your Dashboard to see if your TV shows under Media Players. See images below.

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cat0w (USA)

Well would you Adam and Eve it.

Follow you details and the NAS is now showing on the TV

Have not doen anything

But thanks for tha advise on how to check