New Ultra WD Backup Vs. Smartware

Would appreciate clarifications on the following:

  1. There are no Software Conflicts with WD Smartware (for a 2015 My passport Ultra) and WD Backup (for a NEW VERSION My Passport Ultra) installed on same computer. Each Software recognizes its Drive - WILL Separate Software ALLOW Both Drives to RUN SIMULTANEOUSLY?

  2. The NEW Ultra Manual mentions HOURLY as the quickest Backup Schedule Vs. Smartware “CONTINUOUS”. I saw in another Thread mention of BACKUP NOW. I prefer CONTINUOUS but if BACKUP NOW (that wasn’t working in this person’s computer) works, is THAT the closest way to cheat to “CONTINUOUS”?

  3. Password / Encryption sounds good BUT has anyone heard of the Software Not Recognizing a Correctly Entered Password and the user losing ALL as a result?

Many Thanks!


I recommend you email those questions to support.

Good idea. I just did.
Know they prefer an attempt here but the logic is correct for a new product it would seem.

P.S. My ESET ESS Security always gives me pop-up ALERTS for this Forum via Expired Certificate / Not Trusted Site.
Surely the Admins know this but I hope / presume making this Forum Address / Security Certificate an Exception is safe.

For anyone interested WD SPPT responded that:

  1. Smartware & WD Backup can coexist and backup different Drives simultaneously.

  2. Was told that BOTH Smartware & WD Backup have a “Backup Now” Tab but I can’t find it on Smartware.
    Apparently “Hourly” is the quickest Backup timing on WD Backup Vs. Continuous for Smartware (ie) Nothing was said about WD My BkUp having Continuous.

  3. Assured me the Password Software hasn’t failed to take a CORRECT Password and leave the User without access to their data. FYI

As long as this discussion is on topic, which backup software to use, does anyone know if WD Acronis is a better choice than WD backup or WD Smartware? Plus when you have multiple desktops does the software need to loaded on all systems? Thanks…new and wanted to be sure I start off on the right foot.