New Twonky Server v 7.0.5 version with firmware

I’ve seen many posts on this subject already…there’s not one clear answer (from WD). I’ve asked Twonky support why MKV files won’t play; here’s their answer:

"It seems to be an issue with the old version of Twonky Server installed on your NAS drive.

We would recommend you to upgrade to the latest version of Twonky Server.

Since this is an OEM version, you need to contact the device manufacturer for a firmware update with the latest version of Twonky Server.

You can also manually Upgrade to Twonky Server v 7.0.5 from the following link:

If you upgrade manually then you will need to purchase a license key for it.

License key can be purchased from the following link:

Once you update the software, share the content and let us know if the issue still persists."

Now why is a NAS that I have recently bought, equipped with an extremely old version of the DLNA Twonky server software? I also don’t ‘get’ why, when I can manually install the working version, I have to buy a license for that…will WD refund my extra expenses? I think not! I think WD isn’t advertising the NAS correctly streaming all kinds of media with almost zero effort.

Also…pictures via the iPhone app ‘WD Photos’ are extremely slowly inventarised on the NAS or in the app itself.

If I knew this before…I probably wouldn’t have bought it.


Don’t hold your breath.

I have been asking the same question for 2 years to get the free upgrade from version 5 to version 6.

WD claim it is a business decision not to upgrade Twonky past the current loaded version.

What business decision is this? Who knows? I would say a bad business decision as I have given up on WD and am currently getting quotes on a QNAP NAS.

Keep asking I say, maybe one day they will get it through their thick skulls that customers want a Twonky upgrade ASAP.

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Well…here’s a starter…

A friend of mine also wanted to buy a WD NAS…I’ll tell him all about the obsolete software version and that if he wants it for streaming media (which I know he does) to go for another brand.

Also I work for a large worldwide IT company, namely Capgemini, I’ll spread the word here also…sadly…

Thanks though!

Regards, Tom

None of us can load pictures or video  remotely . Outsource  person is somebody in  India, etc . What a shame we got ripped off  as far as what this  product could do . It really cant do remote. I plan to post it on Best Buy where I got it. Then maybe corporate will start reading when enough of us post negatively.     

I’ll take a stab at answering this but you’ll have to find out for yourself.

The company that has created the Twonky media server is like any other company. Out to make a profit.  I don’t think PacketVideo corporation will give out free OEM perpetual upgrade licences. They would stand to lose a fortune.

W.D. would have to offer an upgrade package without Twonky to allow free upgrades and another upgrade package containing Twonky that everyone would have to pay to install.

Maybe W.D. should allow the Twonky Media server to be easily downloaded BUT it is the responsibility of the MyBook Live owner to purchase and key in the licence key?

The Nokia phone works a bit like that. In the ROM there is a early copy of QuickOffice pre-installed. I had to download a upgrade copy of QuickOffice, purchase an licence key and put that in to make the upgrade work.

Hope that lot makes sense.

And we all know how Nokia and Symbian are going right now.

I understand that wd have to spend money to upgrade twonky. I think that wd SHOULD spend some money for its only consumer nas drive. Or maybe wd thinks MLB is an old product at its end of life.

Or at least start to develop an internal Dlna server, or to support a freeware or open source version

…such as or one of these

Fair point.  Post something in the new ideas forum for the MyBook Live and see what W.D. think of the idea.


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