New transmission Update

My firmware is 5.06.115 when WD will update firmware ???

I got a message that Transmission update is available, however selecting the app from the list of installed apps, I didnt see an option to update.
Therefore I decided to uninstall Transmission, and reinstall it back.
However, after uninstallation, Transmission has not appeared back in the AppStore list of applications.
Any advice how to fix this?

I think because you uninstall it try to install the new version – but he cant because WD firmware isnt update yet … give it some time somebody here will find a solution for you - you can install for now Transmission for Desktop - and its works great , and just direct the path download to your Drives … its a temp solution but its work !!!

Thank you for the advice. Its a good workaround.

Manual firmware update is available here:

After manul firmware update, Transmission was available in the AppStore, and I have successfully installed it back.

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Спасибо, тоже помогло