New to WDTV(live), is it really this useless?

I’ll try to keep it short, but I’m having so many issues with the WDTV Live that it’s pretty much useless to me.  I had a PBO previously which performed flawlessly until suddenly breaking down.  I use media players for the most part for my collection of concert dvds/blurays which I’ve ripped to a hard drive(2 TB of concert videos).   Most are in .iso format which worked for me just fine with the PBO.

  • turning on the media player - do I really have to wait 30+ seconds for it to connect to nothing?  I have not set up a wireless or wired connection, nor do I want to.  Yet I have to wait for it every time?  Really?

  • when inserting a usb drive or the hard drive, I have to re-insert it several times, wait an unacceptable amount of time, and look for the files?  The WDTV can’t allow it to be found under Favorites in the Dashboard like it was before, just because I unplugged it and plugged it back in while the WDTV was off?   Does it really have to be 5 minutes and 100 buttons to find my files each time I add something?

-when playing a ripped concert dvd, I can’t access the menu, nor can I skip chapters(thus I can’t skip ahead to the song I want, or watch any of the special features, or watch the second or third show on the disc).  Is it really not possible to skip chapters on an .iso file, or access the dvd menu?  No, I am not converting 2 TB of concerts to another file format because WDTV never thought of dvds having chapters and menus. I don’t have 1000 hours to spare.

If I have to go back to putting in dvds to watch concerts again, then this WDTV serves no purpose for me at all.  The whole reason I started using media players was so I could easily pick and switch concerts and songs from the comfort of the couch, without having to get up and put in discs.  Is there a resolution to any of the above, or should I just send it back?  Pardon my beligerence but this thing has really been a disappointment so far.

Usually it does play DVDs with menus. I had a discussion with someone who could not play his Eagles **bleep** Freezes Over DVD ISO on the Live while I could just fine. We never figured out what the problem was on his end.