New to WD


I am new to the forum!

I have just installed my new ‘my book live’

I am a photographer, I intend to use the storage for all my photos, whilst allowing me to edit them on the go from my laptop, without the inconvenience of having to carry a big external hard drive with me; also avoids having to save on usb’s and then sync to main external drive later on.

My real question is…

which bit do I use?

There are 4 folders (Public, Timemachine, smartware and timemachine backup), I can’t delete or even rename any of them, I therefore assume they are ther for a specific purpose. What is each of these actually for and which should I be using to store my photos.



Those aren’t “Folders,” they’re Shares.  :)

I don’t remember having two different Timemachine shares, but I am not sure.

I would recommend you download the User Manual and get familiar with the functions, as well as the different Mobile Access options, before comitting yourself to a specific path.

I would also recommend you create your OWN share, make sure the access rights are secure, and use that for your workflow.

Public:  Is visible and changable by anyone who can access your drive through any means.

TimeMachine:  That’s for Apple backups.

Smartware:  That’s for use with WD Smartware backup software.

If your photographs are important to you, then you also need to spend time thinking about how you’re going to back up all of your stuff in case of failure or disaster.