New to WD TV Live - Play Random Music

Hello, just bought yesterday the WD TV Live, it is working nice.

Initially I accessed movies and music from my PC shared folders at the home network.

Then I installed a USB external HDD, what made things much easier and faster.

Few things I am not comfortable.

  1. At this external local HDD I created 3 main folders;  a) Movies, b) Songs, c) Pictures.

Inside of each folder I created different folders to classify better the files.

The Songs folders, for example, has 50 or more folders, by singer or album, etc.

I found the way to make it play random songs from inside one folder… but I wanted it to play random songs from all the songs folders.  Is there a way to do that? 

  1. I programmed the unit to show random pictures when screen saving.  For some reason, it seems the unit continues to random a single picture folder or even few pictures from just that folder.  Having more than 3000 pictures in the “c) Pictures” folder and sub-folders, I can see it random only 6 or 7 pictures, sometimes it repeat the same picture 3 times in a row.  Strange behavior.  Any help?

  2. I found out that I can access the unit by network, browsing its IP address, and without any hint from any documentation found the password to be “admin”, that was no brain.   Loved the idea to use the “remote” by network.  Byt what would be its use, if you don’t see the TV screen, you can’t navigate and select a specific songs folder, etc.

It would be very nice to have a simple feedback at the webpage, about what is being presented on TV.   So many other controls could be done via webpage, as for instance, a list of songs to play, pictures to show, create a queue, etc.

One could not exactly using the “remote”, but sending commands to the unit via webpage.  It would make it a really interesting device.

Other possible suggestion was to be able to create/delete files at the USB external local HDD connected to the unit’s USB, via web.  So one could record a new song, or movie, without needing to remove the USB HDD and connect to the PC to do that.   I think the unit runs LINUX, it would very easy to implement such resource.

Thank you.


I could solve one issue.

After turning on the “network shared” at the WDTV unit’s Setup menu, I was able to locate the WDTVLive as “an available device” at my Network at the Windoes 7 PC, so I could map it.  Now I can make changes, delete, install new files at the External USB HDD (Local) to the WDTV unit.  That’s something good.

Still the problem of not being able to Randomize songs from multiple folders… it randomize songs from the folder that is open and that’s it.  I don’t want to copy all the songs from multiple folders to a huge single folder, just to be able to listem to many hours of randomize songs.  It must have a way to do it.

Thank you,