New to themes, advice please

Hi everyone, I have an WDTV SMP. I’ve been plodding along for ages with the default Mochi theme. I use a Mac, so I use an app named HubFlow to generate each movie’s xml file and download covers etc. HubFlow’s xml includes an IMDB rating and a Youtube URL for the movie trailer. Is there any theme that uses these? I would particularly like to display the IMDB rating, but the trailer would be nice too.

As mentioned above, I’m on a Mac, so I don’t want to use Thumbgen. I think that means I have to use a ‘non-moviesheet’ theme? Have I got that right? Can anyone recommend some that will use HubFlow’s IMDB rating?

The xml file generated by Hubflow looks like this:

<?xml version=“1.0” encoding=“UTF-8”?>
<title>Seven Samurai</title>
<studio>Toho Company</studio>
<plot>blah blah blah</plot>
<overview>blah blah blah</overview>
<director>Akira Kurosawa</director>

<name>Takashi Shimura</name>
<role>Kambei Shimada</role>

(I’ve trimmed the rest of the xml)



Hello, see if the following link helps.

Thanks for the suggestion, although I don’t see how that helps with displaying the imdb rating. That link seems to just be about a Wnidows-only thumbgen alternative, and some people arguing about imdb vs tmdb. 

I’ve actually just found another thread where a veteran of this forum stated in June this year that displaying IMDB ratings is not supported by the SMP firmware. That’s my question answered then! Thanks for looking.


Version 1.47 includes movies rating based on IMDb.


Thanks for replying! I thought I had notifications turned on but didn’t receive one for this, oops. I actually came back to post about this update.It was me who emailed the HubFlow developer who very kindly added the option to include the IMDb rating in the description field. Incredibly fast too! I emailed him one day and the next day the app was updated! Top notch!