New to the Forum...VOB Question

I just recieved my WD TV Live Plus. And i got it all setup and connected to my networked drives that have my ripped DVD movies. Ive searched the Forums and everyones complaining about “Continuous playback” of their VOB files…i dont have that problem. My problem is when i select the main VOB file that has the movie ( which is what the Live Plus sees in the Video_TS folder) it starts to play but its choppy and the sound cuts in and out. Is there a fix somehow for this…i havnt found one yet on the forums yet except to re-rip all my movies to another format like ISO or something else.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


The VOB stuttering is a known problem that occurs with any firmware version later than 1.03.49. You either have to roll back your firmware to 1.03.49, or re-encode your VIDEO_TS directory to an ISO as you have already found.

See these links:

VOB Known issue

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Thanks for the suggestions and the links i will try it out.

You may wish to consider another container like MKV.

ISO/VOB have a serious bug in downmixing from 5.1 audio to stereo. The volume is very low when downmixed.

The problem is present in all firmware releases since 1.02.xx. I have tested all the firmware releases back to 1.02.

Thanks for all the input. I  only have a dozen VIDEO_TS folders with VOB files. All my other files are AVI or MP4 but i hear MKV is good too. I read a link that was provided and found a fix for the VOB issue. Instead of selecting the VOB file and pressing enter or play i just press PLAY on the VIDEO_TS folder and that fixed my problem…no more stuttering…by the way im using ethernet (CAT5e) to stream, not wireless.

Thanks everyone for all your suggestions abd feedback i really appreciate it!