New to Streamer, Cover Art Problem

I just bought the Streamer and i’m still trying to figure everything out, so my question is, how do i use my own cover art? i read other post about just dropping in a jpeg cover and naming it as the movie, which i have done, and it will not show up, now does it take a while to show?, or do i have to do something manualy?  Iv’e got content info for all my movies with the artwork from the Moviedb, now i want to use mine not the default one, and it will not show, iv’e tried different sizes and nothing, but when i delete the content info my artwork will show up, but then i have no info on the movie. thanks.

If you used the “Get Content Info” first, then you need to delete the “filename.metathumb” image before the .jpg will be used.

Worked, thanks