New to smartwave......little advice

Hello All,

I am new to smartwave so maybe someone can set me straight. I bought a MBL a coupleof weeks ago and have beeen playing about with it. I installed smartware and updated it to the latest version( I ma a little confused as to exaclty what is being backed up and what isnt.

I have it set to category backup and it seems to have backup up a lot of content (categorised in mail/movies/pictures) etc.

I did a few test restores and it seemed fine. I then went to do a restore of a direcotry I have - C:\users\brian  and from the retrieve tab its not browsable and looks as though it isnt being backed up.

So I switched to file backup and thought perfect, I can select what folders I want backed up here. But although I can navigate throught the directories I cant seem to select the stuff to backup? the only option I have is “start backup”.

Am I doing something wrong?



a couple of things.  one, smartware will not back up a folder that’s considered a system folder.  if you’re attempting to back up a folder C:\users, it probably won’t back it up.  I would check the manual for which folders are acceptable and which are not.  two, if you’ve already created a backup, then you will have to delete the existing backup first before trying to create a different backup.

I hadnt considered that. The reason being I have 2 folders I want backed up C:\users\brian and C:\users\zoe. Its backing up the zoe directory just fine so I assume the users directory was ok to backup? but it seems to only back one of the dirs up. How would I delete the current backup?



in order to back up the other user is to have the computer running under that username.  then you can create a backup for that user.  I think all you have to do is delete the backup folder on the external drive.  but it will delete all the backups you have so far.

Hello, Thx for the help. It hadnt occured to me that the c:users/zoe dir is the default user. So if i move my brian directory to the root of c: can i expect smartwave to back it up as part of the continous backup process? Thanks Brian

that’s a question you have to ask microsoft.  as for smartware, all I can say is that either it does or it doesn’t back it up.  but I’d be careful about messing up something in windows by moving your user folder.

Smartware in my opinion isnt very good at all. The gui is shocking, its not clear what its doing half the time and it seems to have my cpu running at 100%. i have removed it from my system. Its a real shame because i think the mybooklive is ok kit but the software is poor. Wd photos is rubbish and support cant seem to deal with the requests for help. Smartware again could be excellent but its pretty poor as well. My advice would be use symantecs backup exec. Thanks Brian

no prob.  just know that you’re preaching to the choir.