New to service got some questions

Hello, Just got the my cloud 6tb and i was wondering how i can format it so that there is nothing but blank space? Right now i have a couple folders.


I dont want any of those folders i just want to create my own and dump things onto it.

2nd part is how can i make sure this is restricted to my internal network? Also is there something better for looking at settings of the device? the Web UI doesnt have any settings really and i downloaded the WDMyCloud app for the desktop and not really seeing much more in there at all either

You just got it? Then download the complete user manual for your device so you can find answers to these questions and others. I take it you don’t want to screw it up right away. Formatting is NOT needed. If you decide you want to delete empty folders that is easy to do. First get familiar with the darn thing!

Where do i get the complete user manual? i’ve been googling since i got it and i just keep seeing that i cant delete that public which is a huge security risk

Found the user manual i will give it a read. Im not new to Computers at all its what i do for a living i just dont want my files out for everyone to see or anyone besides who i give access to be able to put files on it

The WD My Cloud User Manual details how to configure "Users: and “Shares” on the My Cloud so a Share is password protected and would require a user to input their My Cloud User name and password.

If you don’t want remote access to users outside your local network then Access the WD My Cloud Dashboard, navigate to Cloud Access and make sure no users are configured for Cloud Access. Then navigate to Settings, General, Cloud Access and make sure Cloud Access is turned off. Also make sure no users are configured for remote access as well.

Officially you cannot delete or remove the “Public” share. Unofficially you can, but WD doesn’t support doing so. See the link at the end of this post for one way to remove the Public share. The Smartware folder is where the Smartware backup software included with the My Cloud will backup computer data from Windows PC’s. TimeMachineBackup is the folder Macintosh’s Time Machine Backup program will save the Mac’s backed up data too. Can you remove them? Yes but unknown if that would impact the My Cloud OS.

Thank you for the answers. Now if i could get the dashboard to work i would be in good shape it sounds like

Finally got my dashboard to work. When i go to the shares on the public i cannot change “public access” its grayed out. I am on latest firmware. Any ideas?

Followed the guide at the bottom and got exactly what i wanted. Thanks for the help

If you decide to use SmartWare here is a link to the User Manual.

This link will take you to the Learning Center.


Deleting the Public folder on the MyCloud NAS is not advised, but I did find out how to make the network share and folder read-only at kernel level so even though it will be visible, no-one can write anything to it.

If people are interested how then let me know.and I’ll let you know how, but don’t remove the Public folder!

WD has blocked the ability (edit to add: through the Dashboard) to set the “Public” Share to Private. In pre OS 3 My Cloud firmware there was a bug in the Dashboard coding that allowed one to set the “Public” Share to Private but that was removed in the OS 3 firmware versions. Follow the “Removing Public Share WD My Cloud” link above for one option of dealing with the “Public” Share. You can use the forum Search feature (magnifying glass icon upper right) and search for other potential options like setting the “Public” Share to read only. Here is one such thread: Public Folder (Read only)

The ability to set the “Public” Share to Private is unfortunately a common complaint.

I’ll start you off on this.

How to copy permissions from an exasting directory to another directory and it's structure.
It would be a good idea to create a folder directory as a place holder for desired ACLS.

NAS-MC:/DataVolume/My_Settings# getfacl Public/
# file: Public/
# owner: root
# group: root

NAS-MC:/DataVolume/My_Settings# getfacl /DataVolume/shares/Public/ | setfacl -R --set-file=- /DataVolume/My_Settings/Public/
getfacl: Removing leading '/' from absolute path names
NAS-MC:/DataVolume/My_Settings# getfacl Public/
# file: Public/
# owner: root
# group: root

the cheats way is to copy Public’s permission to a specially created folder, create a network share with read only access and then copy the permissions of that share over the permissions of the actual Public folder. Then remember not to change any attributes of the Public share in the UI. If you do when replace the Public folder’s permissions what what you need. Usually read-only.

Something for you lot to play with. :smile: