New to MyCloud Home - Lots of questions / Help please / Photos, Videos, Google Photos, set up!

Hi All, brand new here.

So had My Cloud Home Single 4 TB for a couple of days now and just getting to grips with it, but a few questions my searches are not answering, or I am finding stuff from 2013 version.

How I want my set up (hopefully this will help with understanding question):

  • My Cloud Home is to be our main storage solution for everything we don’t want to lose - photos/videos 4k/documents/etc
  • Ideally access from Android Phones/ Ipad / Occasional computer. (we don’t actually own a laptop now)
  • Photos backup from our phones to one location - meanwhile also backing up to google photos(from phone). - accessible by both me and my wife
    *SD cards can be plugged to reader and backed up
    *photos from the drive are backed up to google photos (not duplicated)
    *once a month full copy to a portable Harddrive kept at another family members house

Questions / Issues so far

  1. Private User Areas - so we set the drive up and made a user area for me and my wife, started our phone back ups and found we couldn’t see each others, we can share, but then photos do not appear in the images section of the app - anyway around this? - I am assuming just have one user, we are not bother about being private.

  2. Google Photos (GP) Backup - some of our photos are on our old HDD, we have transferred these over, we have no idea what is on GP already and what is not, so ideally, we would like to be able to back all photos on the device/or specific folders to GP.
    Again we are planning on having a carder reader/usb hub plugged into the drive to copy from cameras / gopro / sd cards. But these will not have touched our phones and so need backing up to GP - or would it just be easier to have these copy to our phones to back up to both?
    Is this possible? GP is advertised as working with MyCloud Home but I cannot work out how.
    I would like this My Cloud Home To Google photos (as GP Free only stored HD videos, alot of what we take is 4k)

  3. How many devices / transfers can the device handle? so initial backups of x2 phones, x1 1tb HDD plugged in and a laptop uploading some folders (150GB) seemed to stop the backups of the phones from processing. since competing the HDD its has started again. - is there a limit or order to how thing back up?

  4. USB Hub as mentioned previous we would like to use a usb hub for SD card and to back up to a Hard drive, having a look on amazon - any suggested set ups?
    4.1 - backing up - so my plan is once a month to copy the whole drive to a portable drive, store this elsewhere, just to keep everything safe. - any ideas how long this will take? (upto 4tb) it has taken several days to copy 1.2 tb to the drive, however this was probably on usb 2, it is an older HDD. or other suggestions?

  5. App - Photos - photos seem to be in poor quality in the app photo viewer - I am sure one loaded nicely, but all seem to be poor now. I saw on an old post a “HD button”, but I cannot see this anywhere. Is it just because I am still copying alot of stuff or is this a bug? Ideally this is how we want to access all photos.

  6. Folders / Albums / Phone back up - We already create albums on GP and probably stick with that, however is it possible when backing up your phone to have folders mirrored? I.e I would like to separate photos taken on my camera and videos taken on the gopro?
    -additionally is there an easy way to manage photos / folders within the app, mass download / mass move? I can’t even see a way from the photo viewer part of the app to move folders.

  7. Automation - been looking at IFTTT and wondering if anyone has automated process on the device? i.e move photos automatically?

  8. Photos without EXIF date - moving all my photos has highlighted a large number of photos with no taken date or exif data stripped, any suggestions of ways to identify these easily? - and alongside this find duplicated photos - probably with different dates. (long shot from manually going through it all!)

I probably have a 100 more question but I feel this is a bit long already and covering enough!

Thanks in advance :grin:

@Scottie88 Have you visited the Learning Center and looked at all the information provided along with the User Manual? You can search the Knowledge Base too, a link is at the top of the page.

Yeah been have been using it and Google haha.
These few bits I just can’t figure out

@Scottie88 See if this helps with #1 Private User Areas.

I can help with Question 5 - check this post Blurry photos

Return the device before is to late. Good luck.

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haha @djdossia that is rather negative? why?
so far seems to do most things I need from a cloud backup

Thanks, will keep an eye see if they improve.

yes so all I am reading if from Android to share everything, you need to be on the same user. bit misleading, but fine. Although wondering how connections to Google photos etc will work.