New to Cloud Storage

I recently purchased a PR4100 primarily for backup storage on my home network. I am limited on internet usage due to my location, so I need to keep my back ups myself. I am currently using WD Smartware and backing up my pc’s on the unit under a RAID 5 configuration. My question is this. I currently can handle storage of my data on 2 of the 4 units of the PR4100. I think I would like to set up a RAID 10 system using 2 of the units for my primary backup and then the second 2 as a second back up. But these two units I would remove periodically to store off site. Again I can’t this over the internet as I do not have access to highspeed, unlimited internet usage.

If I remove this second set for off site storage, will it be OK when I restore them and will they then make the copy of the other two I want?

The unit will/may mark the RAID volumes as compromised or degraded since it would detect the hard drives are no longer present. At the time they are re-inserted a rebuild process may need to run, but will require for the re-inserted disks to be erased.

The process you are describing is not recommended. What if you try USB backups instead? This will allow for the volumes to remain intact.

Thank you. This would be the case for sure in a 4 disk raid 5. Is it the same for a 4 disk raid 10 where 2 disks are the primary raid and the second two are a mirror of the first 2 and this second pair are the ones removed?

Yes. Then the unit detects the re-inserted hard drives do not match the content of the active units, a rebuild process proceeds.