New to Cloud Drives- Discuss Ideas, purpose and implementation

Hi all and thanks in advance for the help.

I am new to this Cloud Ideas for data. I want to explain my needs and intended uses and get ideas as to how to protect my data.

I picked up a 4TB My Cloud about a year ago and I am a bit intimidated trying to figure out the best way to use it. Currently it is setup attached to my router, and I am using Smartware to transfer all “USER” files from my computer. (Windows 7 - 500GB (2.0 GB free space-OUCH) USERS/MYNAME…) I checked my name so that all files are being copied to the MyCloud. That was 2 days ago. Currently it has transferred 164GB BUT 181 GB of files were not copied.

My Ideas for wanting this drive was a to have my own personal cloud for my files. I work in Real Estate and am a hobbyist photographer. I want to have all my files, pictures emails organized and stored on a central cloud. I am hoping to seemlessly access these files from this computer, my Windows 8 (soon going to 10) computer that is normally at my office (off site location), 2 iphones, and ipad and an ipad mini. Additionally, I would love to access music, movies and other data from my smart TV’s that are connected to my WiFi.

The key is seemless integration accessible from all computers and anywhere that I have access to internet (cellular, wifi, etc…)

Beyond that, I want security for my data. I assume I would need all data sources ( Computers, phones, tablets) to update to the cloud drive, then I want to back that information up to a seperate hardrive like an MyBOOK) idea.Something that I can disconnect and store in a fire proof safe inbetween backups.

I envisioned this working similiar to external hardrives from the past. I would mainly just transfer all files from the My Pics folders from my computer to the hardrive. This preserved my RAW images and other data on an external drive. I would simply plug it in via USB. I just want this to be more advanced and automated.

Further, I want to be able to remove files from the computers, but when I do, I donot want them deleted from the Cloud backups.

The newer computer is only 128GB and I think most future computers, phones and tablets are all going to be solid state and smallish.

Thanks agian. A ton to read. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.


If you haven’t already done so, read the My Cloud User Manual. The User Manual explains how to use the My Cloud and the various features and options of the device.

Thank you, Bennor.

I read through it and it has been great to help me become less intimidated. I do have some questions.

I have already started the Smartware process of backing up my user files.It is still processing after a could days and is up to 165.8 GB

I was under the impression that Smartware files are copied and updated continuously (I set that choice), but will not be deleted from the hard drive when they are deleted from my computer. Is this correct?

WD Sync can be used on all computers, but files deleted from my computer, will also be deleted from the Sync on the WDmyCloud.

The initial backup with any software including Smartware always takes a long time as it is backing up all the files. Then depending on the backup program settings subsequent backups are much quicker because they only backup the changed or new files. It may help to understand Smartware and its options better to read the Smartware User Manual.

I’ll suggest what I did when I had as many different and involved questions as you have posed: I started googling about all of this stuff years ago, and still do today.

For starters, If you do not have the complete user guide for your particular device, get it from WD Support at and spend time reading through it. Afterward, google for anything in the manual you do not understand.