New ThumbGen 1.2.7 released

See below a few posts for 127 features

Sunday, 03 July 2011

* Fixed IMDB rating autoupdate (v1.2.6.2)

* Fixed collector (v1.2.6.1)

* Fixed collector

* Fixed collector

* Fixed bug in processing banners

* Added Trailer from imdb

* Fixed WDTV Live Hub XML format (proper title/plot for episodes)

* Added filter “without main metadata”


You can also get it from HERE. is usually updated before TG’s site is.

thanks for the heads up

This feature is not perfected yet

* Fixed WDTV Live Hub XML format (proper title/plot for episodes)

Should be in next version.


When we can expect the new fixed version for HUB ?

Everything works for the hub movie-wise. works with TV too, just not as good as it could. He is aware of he changes needed for TV but still waiting.

Thumbgen 1.2.7 released with some features for the live hub

.NET 3.5 SP1

* Fixed IMDb Collector

* Fixed date retrieval for

* Added Preserve AspectRatio options for exporting images

* Fixed audio/video bitrate token

* Fixed few small bugs

* Added support for customizing the backdrops export to xml/nfo file (makes sense for WDTV Live Hub devices)

There are 4 possible modes to get backdrops in the xml (you simply choose the desired one from a combobox in Options/MovieInfo):

  1. No images
  2. Internet links (like before)
  3. Links to local images (the filenames are the ones u define in Export Images; you can choose to export images from ThumbGen automatically or you can put images there from other sources but having the names defined in Export Images; the link will be inserted in the xml file if the file is present on disk; the item will have a directory path only if that is different than the current movie path)
  4. Links to moviesheets (filenames steered by the OutputNaming convention; if sheets placed near the movie there will be no path stored)


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After updating Thumbgen the Year field on my live hub just says N/A. Before this version it said 01/01/1979 for example even tho thumbgen said 05/11/1979. My custom date format setup in Thumbgen are MM-dd-yyyy. Anyone?

Do the trailer from imdb work on the  live hub?

Version is now available for download. Sweet. :slight_smile: