New Thumb, old pictures

Hi everybody,

I just bought a fresh new wdtv live streaming, after many years with the first one (that still works great but doesn’t have wi-fi connection);

After the 2/3 days i start complete my library with metadata, first of all i added it by the “search info” option on the wdtv, but after a while i decided to use HubFlow (that is amazing).

So i start adding metadata using that program and replace the existings jpeg file but when i connect the hard drive to the wdtv lot of movies are still visualized with the old thumb.

I try the delete the old jpeg file (maybe was corrupted) and create a brand new but i had the same result; even delete the media library and creat a new one didn’t give good result.

how it’s possible?

Thanks for the attention.

Have you tried to reset the WD TV?

Force a Media Library recompilation… By clearing the Media Library and re-enable the Media Library.

If that fails, take the HDD and connect it to a PC and delete the .wd_tv folder, this will cause the WDTV to regenerate the thumbs again and you will see new thumbs

Hi and thanks everybody for the answer you gave me.

I had already tried both reset wd tv and reset media library but without success.

When i read about delete .wd_tv folder i couldn’t understand because i hadn’t such folder on my HDD, but after a minutes i remembered that my iMac doesn’t display hidden file so i discovered it and erase from my HDD.

After that it returns everything ok, now the wd tv display the new thumb i save.

Thanks for the support,

i really appreciate!