NEW THEME'S for WD Live Stream

Hoping that someone can make some new themes for the WD Live Stream. Or If you know of a location to download themes for the SMP please advise. I am aware of the Mojo Theme. I have read lots of threads regarding the install of the Mojo theme and I too had the problem of it just saying “Please Wait” when trying to upload via web user interface but I came across a thread stating someone tried uploading via web user interface via Safari and it worked for me as well, I think it was a java or security related issue with Internet Explorer so I’m sure Safari web browser will work. I just type my SMP IP in address bar entered web user interface and uploaded.


PS Come guys someone out there has to be able to make some really cool themes for this kickass new version of the WD Live:smiley:

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Give it some time, for the  WD TV Live Hub people started with he really good after few months.

But yeah, I will love to see the themes as good as they are in the hub, for this device.

ok thanks, I own several WD LIve devices and the new WD Live Stream devices. I have purchase them because of the community feedback the WD provides and the GUI for the SMP is awesome, yes I’m very excited and looking forward to some really cool themes for this. As a matter of fact if they bring out some cool themes I will replace all my old WD Live devices with the new WD Live Stream.