New Sigma SDK, will be used on the next firmware?

New Sigma SDK should fix:

1.) HD Audio passtrough for fileplayback (ts, m2ts and mkv), also then for SimpleBD
2.) new HDMI drivers
3.) DDP in MKV stream
and many more…

Maybe the next firmware for the WDTV Live will be based on this SDK.

WD please confirm. Thanks!

I dounbt you will hear them confirm that as WD staff don’t tend to come on here. But I would hope they do use the new SDKs in future releases.

Mayve they will never release a new firmware !?!


Sigma is releasing new SoCs

Big improvements, new (WD) Player.!

Who knows?!?

New SDK also adds 3D Video support. Popbox (sigma 8643) will have this feature enabled (and A-200 and C-200 in the next firmware).

Sigma 865x specs: 

WD should implement this SDK in the next firmware!