New Sharespace owner (4tb)

I recently bought a 4tb Sharespace to replace a failing Buffalo Terastion…   the main attraction was the built in Twonky media server and the extra storage.

First impressions were that it was much faster than the Tera, quieter and used less power than my old Terrastation (Raid 5 1.6tb)  (I have it connected to a gigabit L2 switch)

After spending nearly two days copying all of my files over (including a large Mp3 collection), I rebooted the Sharespace and it decided to resync the Raid 5  volume… this took over 24hours… and to my horror when it was finished I  couldnt access the shares I had created…  and the data I had moved over…

After SSH’ing into the Sharespace I discovered that all of my data was still there and could see the volume had mounted ok etc… I could even access Twonky and play my MP3’s …    I also could FTP onto the shares… but couldnt access it via any of my windows PC’s…  after many hours messing about Googling others who had similar issues I still couldnt get it to work… Samba was working ok… but then I noticed that although in the Web Management the workgroup was set ok…Samba wasnt reporting the workgroup properly… removed the workgoup name in the web management and re-submitted and hey presto… started working again…

I have also moved the Twonky database etc as others have done… (due to the 35,000 mp3 files and 100000 jpegs )… it hadnt filled up the root file system… but didnt want to take the chance…

I have also disabled Mionet as it kept restarting , (Noticed it in my routers NAT table)… not sure how secure it is, but didnt like the multiple NAT connections it was making to Mionets servers…

Are there any other changes I should make to improve performance and resielance ?

Firmware is: 2.1.96 with MioNet 4.2.27

Best Regards


Meant to say has some problems installing the supplied WD software on my main workstation (WIndows 7 64bit), although it ran I couldnt read any of the text on the buttons… it was blank…

However now using the sharespace from the following Workstations / clients

Windows 7 Home 64Bit

Windows 7 Home 32bit

Vista Ultimate 32bit

Windows Mobile 6.5

Roberts Wifi Radio (uses Twonky to play Mp3)

Windows XP Media Centre

Windows Vista Media Centre

I can also remote access my files on the sharespace via my VPN client through my Draytek VPN / ADSL Router

Just hope I dont have any more scares :slight_smile:


Great news you found success given the problems with this fine device–it’s just plagued with horrific problems that are as vast as the open ocean. I’ve been fighting a simple FTP issue for which I have received NO help from support anyone here. My problem is that users do not get a directory listing when logging into the sharespaces rendering FTP useless/impossible! If you could send me a private message would like to run my setup by you for comments. Thanks!

FTP works fine for me…  although on  IE it was a little buggy (64bit browser)…  32bit fine… along with command line FTP (windows) and Firefox and Chrome…  no issues… havent tried it though my firewall yet… just local LAN… 

Tell me what config u have and will try to replicate it