New Shared HD.. HUB wont recognize the media

Hello Forum…

I have had my Live HUB for more than 1year now and have streamed media from peripheral sources on my network many different times.  Currently, most of my media is stored on my unRAID NAS which the HUB has no problems recognizing and thanks to the recent firmware updates, setting up shares has been very fluid…that is until now!! 

A friend gave me a 2TB HD and I figured I’d put it inside my PC(W7)  and set up a share for my TV shows.  Great Idea, BUT, it will only work if the HUB sees the media inside the folder im trying to share.  The HUB recognizes the the drive path because the drive letter shows up when I select network shares---->MyPC, BUT, when I select the drive letter that has my shows I get a message saying “No media found”…  wierd!! 

I’m sure the the shares are set-up properly because my other devices(HTPC’s running XBMC) have no problems seeing the media inside the new drive!   

…any ideas??

If you have Windows 7, right click on the folder that you would like to share go to properties/security, and check if “everyone” is added as a user name, with all of the permissions check boxes selected.