New setup with too many options

Hi Everyone

I am new to this forum but a WD supporter for years now… I was looking at the WD TV Boxes and I dont know which option to go for…

I have 2 TV’s which are not network capable… They have HDMI and a HDMI Receiver…

Two Options:

  1. Take 1 X My Book Live 2TB (Load all content on to that) and then connect via gigabit to 2 X WD TV Live Streeming?

-----question here would be whether or not i can watch two seperate movies of one HDD on two different screens?

  1. Take 1 X WD TV Live Hub and connect that to 1 TV and get a simple WD TV Live for the second which can get its information from the WD TV Live HUB

— question again is whether the hub can play a movie over HDMI on 1 TV and stream another movie over to the WD TV Live box ?

Please advise…

Thank you for support in advance…



Both options work just like you describe.

I’d go with a NAS (> 2GB) and 2 Live Streamings. BTW, network speed is 100 Mbit only but sufficent for BD playback.